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GTA V Steam Problem

  • Hello My GTA V Steam Edition which I bought yesterday just takes like 30 minutes to load and I found a Solution which is to Modify Game Config and If I modify it will I still be able to play GTA Online with No problems ?


    @NICOCRAFT to modify the game config you’d need to use a mods folder and using that you can’t enter online mode

    so short answer: no

  • @Reacon I modified gameconfig and still dosen't work any ideas ?

  • Is the load time with or without mods? Also machine specs.

  • To avoid a lot of waiting in load times you must first start single player and then from there go online.

  • @Anonymoused281 With or Without same thing and Specs
    Acer Aspire E 15 with GTX940MX and Gaming Keyboard, I used to play GTA V on Cracked version and it loads in 2 Minutes but Original version takes beetwen 20 and 30 minutes to load

  • @NICOCRAFT Based on Googling without full specs, I'll presume SSD 8GB of ram and an intel i5. You may need to either reinstall or verify the game cache to see if that helps. I typically have to wait 2-4 minutes on a mechanical drive.

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