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What's your opinion on the GTA 5 modding community?

  • I have to admit I'm a little disappointed that it hasnt become bigger than it is at the moment.

    If you compare the GTA 5 modding community to skyrim's, damn, it's really just a bunch of car mods.

    Do you think bigger mods will come out, that really give GTA 5 a new life?

  • Because nothing more couldn't be done. Map mods requires model/texture/collision converter, map definition/placement converter,and vehicle paths converted.
    Native scripts mod requires editable .sc files but no one is working on them. Nearly everything is dependable on OpenIV team.

  • @WildWest Give it time
    skyrim is 5 years old, gta v for pc is a year and a half old
    there’s a lot of things we can’t do right now (for example map mods)
    1 year ago all we can do is just editing texture and look at what we can do now
    it’s all just a matter of time

  • @CP said

    Native scripts mod requires editable .sc files but no one is working on them. Nearly everything is dependable on OpenIV team.

    So what are all those other script mods than? I'm confused.

  • You can't write any expanded missions using .asi mods.

  • As for GTA V I think things are going great mod development wise.
    The community is bigger than you think.
    You are aware that this site is just one of dozens of GTA Mod Communities right???

    I've been modding since GTA 1.
    This community just has its eras.
    1997-2005 were a great bunch of guys and gals.
    Back then we had a solid more mature community.

    San Andreas Car Impound
    Hippie Tiffs GTA Shrine


  • @Abdulrhman1 I thought we could do map mods with 5 reborn and map editor?

  • @bur587 There is no way to add a map to GTA V right now. GTA IV has some maps which load around Liberty City when the game loads, and we can just take a car and drive there. There are even peds, cars in there.
    We cannot edit the vehicle paths at the moment, nor the collision files, the navemesh.

  • @bur587 You can, but it's replace the original map of gta
    openiv will support map mods like car mods in next update without fivem
    and doesn’t replace original map

  • @CP you can write whatever you want in a script mod. There's people making all kinds of script mods that go well beyond "missions". There are things under development like LS Noire and the zombie survival mode (no official name yet) that are pushing into new areas, not to mention the wide variety of scripts under the lspdfr umbrella. Just about anything is possible, it just takes a lot more time to make a polished script mod than it does to make a vehicle mod, so you don't see as many.

  • The biggest thing that really disappoints me about this community, is the modders who release broken mods and then ignore the users when they have problems.

    There are some that go out of their way to release exceptional mods, especially in the vehicles section but there are those at the opposite end who just seem to release a mod and then that's it, any problems aren't a concern.

    There's nothing worse than seeing questions lining up on a mod with zero response from the modder, or even worse a "this is how it is, deal with it" type response, to put people off being part of a community.

    I spent a lot of time on my first mod but I really am having second thoughts about whether to even bother with any more... and as a creator, that's a horrible feeling to have. The whole magic of being a modder, be it through script, modelling or tool creation, is that you get chance to make other people's gaming more enjoyable. So I don't understand why some seem intent to do just the opposite.

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