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Cultists in the Altruist camp are using the Unholy Hellbringer, wtf???

  • I got to Chilliad mountain at the beginning of the game with Franklin (sometime after the prologue mission with Lamar) and managed to get over the wooden fence behind the camp. The camp seemed initially abandoned at first glance, but then Altruist cultist babyboomers came running out from all sides and started shooting at me with Unholy Hellbringer, all of them. Just blasting away. I got bumrushed and killed.

    I'm not sure how to react...I don't have any overhaul mods, other than Vanilla Extended Works(car pack) and Gta 4 (car pack), as well as World of Variety.

    Why are the cultists using a futuristic laser canon instead of good ole' Aks and pistols and whatnot?

    Help me solve this guys, I'm not really into this crap, while it may seem funny at first...I'll go right now there again for a second time and check it out if they are using those ridiculous guns, again.

  • @Frostelis World Of Variety adds this

  • @HeySlickThatsMe Aww, crap...I suspected that. Thanks for clearing it up. Will ask the author on how to remove that stuff as it is bothering me something fierce


    @Frostelis probably using a vanilla loadouts meta will sort out your problem very quickly

  • @ReNNie That would be the easiest way, I'm sure, but won't that effectively take away the more interesting weaponry that gang members or cops would be using? The advanced stuff (not the lasers) that was added via updates.


    then manually editing the loadouts.meta to have these peds not using that weapon is the preferred activity?

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