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What are some of the better car replacement pack mods?

  • I'm new to GTA V modding. I've already installed the Natural Vision mod, and later today, I would like to install the L.A. Roads mod along with the L.A. Billboards mod (and maybe a few other to add real-life elements—I'm open to suggestions).

    I would also like to replace as many cars as possible with their real-life counterparts, and so I've been doing research to figure out if there are any widely accepting options about which car replacement packs are the best. I've ran across a few via YouTube that look promising (

    ), but the comments mention a lot of installation issues and crashes occurring only moments after game play begins. Perhaps one of those linked is actually pretty good (Again, I'm very open to suggestions).

    I'm using a Ryzen 2700x w/ 32GB of DDR4 RAM, and a RTX 2080 ti FE GPU, so I feel as my system is pretty capable of running this game. I'm getting ~60 fps on a 60hz monitor at 4k resolution in the benchmark w/ no mods.

    GTA V modding seems to be a vast, somewhat complex world. I'm just getting my feet wet trying to understand how it's all composed.

    edit: Sorry for the bad formatting where its embedding the YouTube videos.

  • Are you found a better Mod?

  • The mega realistic car pack is dead by now although its such a good addon replacement pack
    it replaces almost all the cars of gta v to real life models but now the link is down

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