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What's up with selling ripped models?

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    As the title says.
    As you already know, "modders" left and right have been ripping models off other games (mostly cars, off games like CSR2) and charging for them on Patreon and such. I'm curious to know, by what logic does this website allow the advertisement of such exactly? Converting a model to GTA that you have ripped from another game does in no way make it "yours". They'll even state which game they ripped it off. Zero shame. Do these games' companies not give a damn about it or what? How come none of them has gotten into trouble? Because if it's perfectly fine to do it, I think I'm going to start ripping everyone's models, unlocking locked models, releasing private mods to the public, and charging for all of them too because why the f@#k not, right?! I need answers, and soon. I'm fed up.
    I've released mods before that I made from scratch, and never charged a dime for them, and I've converted models from other games as well and released them for free, which makes these people even more annoying to me.

    TL;DR? It pisses me off to see someone teasing the community with paid models that they didn't even make themselves, while charging money for them. This site seems to b!&ch at everyone using a pirated game version (which I find rightful/reasonable) yet not give a flying f@#k about these people selling stolen models. Someone care to explain why? Because I'm about fed up enough with this thing and very tempted to f@#k all of them up in many different ways.

    P.S. This is not my main account, if you couldn't tell by now. I can't be arsed dealing with power-abusers who don't like hearing the truth.

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