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Zombie new gameplay like building ? or saving survivor, if anyone could do that please ;)

  • hey,
    Well , I really like the current zombie mod but I was expecting more update or more gameplay, like a base building with stockade, wall, gate, tower etc that would be destructible by zombie and a Saving survivor possibilty to bring them at your base and why not give them an utility (doc, guard, telecom (to get mission like find survivor group), gardener,etc

    I've tested different thing about this build thing and it possible to make zombie attacking the wall/door/etc
    the easyer way i found is to put a ped (cat, human whatever) and then attach object on him (to make a wall, a tower etc) (done with menyoo trainer) so the wall or whatever it is can be targeted by enemy.
    And can be destroyed by enemy
    I've not any knowlegde in scripting but I think it's possible to do
    So if any Scripter think it could do something like allow player to build a camp with a ressource function (
    player would have to get pickup over the map to be able to build something or get more survivovr like wood/metal/water , food, etc)

    It could also bring utilitary building that could add more gameplay, like garden, water, workshop, infirmery etc .. where to assign your survivor, and will increase survivor/settlers capacity

    I think all that thing are more or less possible hope any scripter could do something like this

    in fact the idea would be to get a mix between state of decay and falloout 4 on gta 5 ;P

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