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[MISC] Cancel the restriction of camera movement in transport (1st person)

  • From game release i dreamed to cancel the restriction of camera movement in all transport (1st person).
    I so want to look around, see my body without invented restrictions, like i can do it in real life.
    Also, i can't normally aim where i need because of this artificial and unnecessary restrictions...
    So annoyyed of this... may be R* programmers have problems with their necks? I'm very sorry them, but why should we suffer their disease in the game? :angry:

    Please cancel all restrictions left-right and up-down. I ask only one limitation - at the lowest point, everything else is impeding to look/aim. At absolutely all transport.

    Please, can somebody fix it?

  • @big-dude This mod has been created and is pending approval! @ https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/pov-camera-unlocker

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