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Mods not working, installed properly.

  • So, I recently decided to full restart and re download my game. Naturally I went into OpenIV, and reinstalled my favorite mods (things as simple as gun replacement, texture ((clothing/hair)) replacement) added the newest version of ScripthookV and dotnet, along with the recent menyoo, and loaded my game, only to find that none of the mods I installed, were there. Any advice, or help as to why this may be?

  • Did you install:
    ASI Loader

    And do you have mods folder?

  • @iSOCiO_x Did you install OpenIV.asi and Asi Loader? Do you have a mods folder too? It could be that due to recent updates and patches against GTAO/Single-Player mods and modders that the algorithm for installing mods may have changed. I don't know for sure though, someone needs to confirm that for me.

  • I ended up figuring it out! Thanks guys!

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