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Cannot Switch Character and Mission Continuously Fail

  • Hi guys,

    I'm running the latest GTA V (steam version) with the latest OpenIV, ScriptHookV and ScriptHookVDotNet.

    Mods I've installed are: LeFix Simple Fuel 1.1.5, LeFix Speedometer 1.3.5, Save Vehicles 2.6b, RAGEuphoria 1.5 and Realistic Driving V v2.5.

    Basically after a while of playing I would not be able to switch characters anymore (pressing L ALT gives no response at all, not even the slow-mo screen showing character skills/record options).

    I'm currently playing the mission Chop (chasing and kidnapping the Ballas guy mission), and the mission will fail automatically whenever it reaches the stage where the Ballas guy jumps onto the train. Retrying won't help at all since it would just retry right at the screen where the guys jumps to the train and fail automatically again.

    Can someone help me with these please? Thank you.

  • Hmm, that's very strange. Maybe you have a script or a mod that changes game's objects and environment in a way that causes fail conditions to be automatically met on that cutscene?

    I remember that I once could not complete the very first Los Santos mission (Franklin and Lamar?) because I used "Replace Character's Vehicle" mod. I always failed then, because the game was unable to find Franklin's default f$@&!*# piece of shit car vehicle and returned a message about his car being destroyed (which is one of the fail conditions in that mission.)

    My advice - try deleting mods one-by-one and see if you are able to switch characters / complete "Chop". Use "Insert" to reload scripts so you don't have to leave the game each time.

    Also - I'm not sure if you have any other character to choose from that early in the game? Been a long time though, so I might be wrong and perhaps Michael is already available.

  • I had this problem using simple fuel. Mod and everything else works fine, but as soon as I press the key to open the menu for simple fuel, I'm no longer able to open the character menu at all anymore until I restart the game.

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