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Hangout activity problem

  • I need some help with my gta 5. Since I started using mods when I hangout with friends like Lamar or jimmy I can’t do activities. The activities doesn’t show on the map and not on the radar and I have tried driving to them but I can’t start the activity. So if you know a fix or a solution to this problem I would really appreciate if you could help me.

  • @BigBoyBob You would need to remove the conflicting mod and not use it. Start with the latest one you installed, remove it and see if that fixes it, if not then that was not the mod causing the issue. Go to the next latest one you installed and do the same, keep doing that until you remove the one causing the issue. Then you can reinstall the mods you removed that were not causing the issue. If you don't install mods one at a time and really test it to see if it messes anything else up, start doing it that way so you won't have to possibly backtrack as much again.

  • Also, I think that certain activities are simply time-dependent. In other words, you can't go to the cinema at 2am... Though I'm not sure about it as it has been some time since I did any hangout with other characters...

  • @BigBoyBob Hi did you find any solutions to this problem?

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