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[Site-Idea] Commissioned work!

  • When we all think of mods, what do we think of? The first thing that comes to mind is: Art; Creativity, etc, etc. I was thinking. We should add a commissioned section for modders to be able to see and work on something that will actually pay off for them! This will keep the economy of the site flowing, allow for modders to take more time to be able to mod, and will let us (well myself's) noob asses to be able to request quality work without the need to gain those years of knowledge in a dedicated subject to gain that type of skill!

    Tell me what you think; and thanks!

  • @Wetter42 I like the idea, but only modders will benefit from this. The owner of the site won’t get any income from this idea whatsoever so it wouldn’t affect the “economy”.

    Ads on the other hand help with the economy of the site.

    The owner could take like 5-10% of total income from commissions, but this idea won’t likely happen as Patreon already exists.

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