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The Best of GTA5 Real Live Real Nature No Redux!!

  • The Best of GTA5 Real Live Real Nature

    • Standard Game
    • No Redux 1.6 (very Bug!!) Can't do this!
    • My Config Reshade
    • Game Setting Texture Quality Normal
    • Weapon on Motorcycle/ฺBike

    Look like real live nature

    • Rain / drop / on car / foot step / etc.
    • Real bullet
    • Real live nature etc.


    PC Spec

    • Intel Core i3 3.0 GHz
    • Ram DDR4 4x2 8GB Dual
    • VGA Nvidia Geforce GTX750i oc

    Game Setting

    • Texture Quality = Normal
    • All Very High


    Thank you subscribe

  • @Ittiphol Very bad mod, nothing like real nature. Way to oversaturated, too much bloom and the flares are just ugly. Even though I have no idea why you posted it. Wanna promote your channel? If so this is not a good way, especially with this shitty graphics

  • The fact you uploaded the video in 720p tells me you have a pretty shit PC also please don't self promote your stuff through the forums

  • Horrible PC Specs. Even worse mod.

  • @Ittiphol However We Can't Compare Between Your Mod And REDUX Mod. Anyway Where is the link? we can download or we can have to see the video? it's a mod or not? xD

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