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[Vehicles] Anyone willing to make a few vehicles?

  • There are several vehicles I think would be amazing if they were modded. If anyone has some spare time and is willing to make some of these it would be great.

    Aspark owl
    Aston Martin AM-RB 003
    Aston martin super sport
    Bugatti la voiture noire
    Ferrari F8 Tributo
    Ferrari P80/C
    Hennessey Venom F5
    Jaguar XJR15
    Koenigsegg jesko
    Lamborghini aventador svj roadster
    Mazzanti evantra millecavalli
    Mclaren speedtail
    Mercedes AMG GT-R roadster
    Mercedes CLK-GTR roadster
    Neo EP9
    Pininfarina Battista
    Rimac concept 2
    Saleen S1
    Scuderia cameron glickenhaus scg 004s
    Shayton equilibrium

    I realise this is quite a large list considering what it takes to make a car mod in gta but like I said I believe these would be nice additions and im sure not only I would appreciate it. Thanks

  • if someone made a Bugatti la voiture noire
    that would be great its insane

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