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Textures spawning in strange

  • So basically, I keep trying to do what I usually do, Add police vehicles into the game, Instructions followed as usual etc, But for some reason when the cars are spawned in game, The texture appears to be messed up completely, The registration plates appear in large on the side of the car for some reason and everythings just completely messed up! It shows up perfect in OPEN IV so I'm not sure what's going on! Any helps appreciated, all cars are installed correctly in the correct patchday


    where are you installing them? sounds like there’s a .ytd file in a recent patchday for the original model. try placing the new files in your most recent patchday

  • I've tried, I've made sure there are no old ytd's in the latest patchday, Its really strange and I've not found a solution anywhere online thus why I've opened this thread.


    @Wildmandan have you got nvr installed?

  • @Reacon What's NVR? I dont even know what it is so perhaps this may be the answer to all my questions.

  • @Wildmandan This is NVR or Natural Vision Remastered.

  • 0_1552931162071_upload-cecf1d1c-30ae-4e59-a8ce-4cd42f7d9f26

  • SOLVED. I had to change the vehicle meta data where it says flags I had to make sure it only says FLAGS_HAS_LIVERY, I had to remove all the other crap and boom, problem solved. Thank you so much guys for the help.

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