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So hey guys..

  • So...after a few days ive try to fix my gta v that will work after that stupid redux...i see that icant do nothing....no graphics...and the game crashing...
    All the time am really dont know what to do...plz a good modder that could help?

  • Ive must help its really sucks...

  • If you did not install redux to a "mods" folder You will have to re-install the game.

    If you did use a "mods" folder, just delete it & make a new one. All set.

  • There is no ahoter way?

  • No. When you re-install the game. Copy the update folder, 64 folder & ALL .rpf archive files to a flash drive or other hard drive as a backup. Dont feel bad. I lust had to to this 2 weeks ago. lol

  • You can use winzip to open all OIV packages & manually take files that you want out of them. Without installing the whole package if you have other mods you might overwrite.

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