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How do i edit the "VINEWOOD" sign?

  • Hi, i need to change the "vinewood" sign to "sceecwood", I wanted to know if anyone knows tutorials or can explain me how to do it, I would be grateful.
    I've seen that some have managed to change it for this I wondered how, considering that looking on youtube I didn't find anything.

  • @DragonOP - What does it even mean / refer to? :D

    Shooting off the hip, I think you could use Menyoo to delete old letters and put some new through Menyoo or some other content creator.

  • @DragonOP I just used CodeWalker and OpenIV to check out how the sign is constructed, it has many parts to make it up. The letters are not individual. They are together in a ydr. You would have remove the info telling the game to put the vanilla Vinewood sign and all of it's parts in the game, then you need to edit the vanilla sign or make your own new sign in 3ds Max, then tell the game what it is and where to put it and how to place it and rotate it. There are many tutorials on this site that will help you with your project. They really do help learn how GTA 5 works.

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