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[TOOLS] Easy Modded Files Backup

  • Greetings,

    I tried searching around here but haven't seen this exact idea. I know a bit of C++ and C#, but I have no experience coding for GTAV.

    I have an idea for a tool/mod and I would like to know if someone can create this.

    Every time the game updates, we have to update ScriptHook/DotNet and possibly RAGE, etc. But then we also have to delete our mods/update/update.rpf and replace it with the new one. Of course, our 'original' (modded) update.rpf may have countless modifications done to it, affecting one or more files (materials.dat, for example).

    My question/request/suggestion is, can we make a tool that will backup the modifications done to your update.rpf automatically? This way, you can run the tool, it will extract the files you've modified (complete with their directory structure) and you can store them for a minute. Then you copy over the newest update.rpf, and you can either drop your 'old' modded files into it, or you can compare the two files in question and compare the changes.

    Example: I have a mod that affects the puddle size that edits materials.dat and also get a grip mod that affects materials.dat. I had to manually combine the two, so it would be great if we could have a tool that would extract the modified file/folder structure /common/data/materials/materials.dat and then we could replace it in after an update.

    I don't know anything about OpenIV or how it reads .rpf files, but I know that when we modify a file or replace a file in the .rpf, it loses it's "encrypted" flag/status. So maybe a simple approach could be, have the program loop through the rpf's directories, and when it encounters a file that isn't encrypted, write out the directory and extract the file, then continue looping.

    Is this a good idea or a bad idea for managing this situation where multiple mods affect one or more files? Does this sound like it would make it easier for managing re-applying your mods after an update? Is this possible?

    Thanks for reading.

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