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[SCRIPT] Drinking and eating mod while driving

  • Hey guys,
    I remember this funny mission scene

    10m52s where we can drink a cola while we drive. I also remember a mission where we can eat fries while we drive.

    There is no mod that can do it like that

    I would like to see it to cruisin down in my car and eating stuff for realism! :)

  • Noone?

  • @yeahhmonkey ahhaha, do you know someone who could do this? If yes, please tag him

  • @yeahhmonkey Thanks man,
    I also know the one of the best scripters here @jedijosh920

  • @yeahhmonkey @MrGTAmodsgerman Thanks for tagging me in, and yes this is totally possible, since, I was working on my uber mod, where, I was testing this feature, which will let the ped auto drive the car to the location. Now, in the meanwhile, the vehicle, is auto-driven, I noticed, couple of movements which character performs, when in idle state. Like, adjusting the sitting position, scratch his head etc.

    This is similar to the idel default action on foot, where player checks his boots and all.
    So, we can call in the function, when it's driving and in idel state, which is no user pressed key is registered for certain time, trigger the eating animation or drinking animation. Something like a mod named Idel animation by eddlm.

    About me doing it, I surely can try my hands on, when I will have some spare time left with me, since, I am in office now(overtime), :(
    But, let me know, if nobody does it, I will try and make it for you. Goodluck. :)

    P.S. You adding my name with all the great modders in itself feels nice. :D So thank you for that, since, above mentioned all the names are an insipration to me. :)

  • @ashishcw Nice man,
    I wish this action inside a car like in the mission but with a key. So you can see in the video, the player is beable to drive while drinking a coke.
    You should trace the current animation when you play the mission. And for that, i remember there was a another mission where we eat some stuff or maybe you can change the type of model or something

    ps: Yea i know that feel, its also feel nice for me when i see my mods on big youtubers videos or when my mods get posted on some forums

  • @Frazzlee cool bro

  • It can be done pretty easily with Menyooo, I made a video that sort of demonstrates it

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman Thanks for tagging me, I will make this mod for you! :)

  • @Skizzymisfit Wow Nice :D Very nice!!
    @jedijosh920 And thank you!! :D

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