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[VEHICLE] [WIP] BMW 2002 turbo

  • 1973-1974 BMW 2002 turbo
    alt text
    alt text

  • Working on handling and car speed (212 km/h or 132 mph)

  • It looks great ;) seems like its some racing game rip, it looks very pro ;)
    If you could make a stock/nonturbo version, thatll be great (nothing like super fancy, just de-flair the arches and slap on some chrome bumper) but thats probably too much work :D ;) its just me, im more a cruiser guy and my favourite TG/GT presenter is James May :D :D i assume most people prefer the turbo ;)
    PS Im just waiting for you to tell me, that you used to have 2002 turbos in former YU as well :D :D but I assume its more of a poster-car thing for you this time ;)

  • @Arthur-Dent LOL.. no, there was just about 1600 cars produced in two years. Friend of mine had 2002 as old car in 80s, it was white, but not turbo, no. I was going to do what you say on the first place, to make regular 2002 with turbo upgrade, and I had sketch-up model of it, but result didn't look good enough to me. Also, engine and interior had to look different... so I think I will just publish turbo version, not to downgrade quality of the car. I might add some tuning parts.

  • I understand, since it seems like a high quality model that messing with it might not end up looking so well... btw the 1600 was at jay lenos garage some time ago ;)

  • Realistic top speed maybe.. but from the vid it still looks like an rc car glued to the ground :/

  • Working on sliding sunroof. It is actually sliding door... any better idea?

  • Wow beautiful work !!! May be animated engine ;) XD

  • Big work dude congratz !!

  • This week
    (adding some extras)

  • Published 01.IV.2019. v1.0

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