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YMAP/Menyoo "driveway" object placement problem

  • So . . . . Here are some pictures to explain the issue:

    1st Attempt:

    Driveway using diff object, in menyoo (https://imgur.com/hMQYMnc)

    Driveway ruined, converted from xml to YMAP (https://imgur.com/ONPo9yQ)

    Attempt 2:

    Driveway created with menyoo spooner (https://imgur.com/UZAOjVx)

    Driveway ruined after converting xml to YMAP (https://imgur.com/EiI4nQ6)

    in case the pictures aren't clear enough, driveways that I create, using 2 different "road" objects look pretty decent after I spawn them in using menyoo's object spooner. I then convert the xml "map" into a .ymap file using ME2YM, and shiiiiiii :crying_cat_face: , it appears that the "pitch" and "roll" manual placement values are ignored/bypassed. The odd thing is, no other objects spawned (over 900 of them) seem to have this issue.

    Anyone know why this happens? Any possible workarounds/fixes?

    Thanks in advance!

    ps: please ignore the mediocre fence placement alongside the driveway.

  • @OeWTpXD1vKwN. One thing I would try, besides not using Menyoo to build, would be to leave out the driveway part and make that into the xml and then convert that to ymap. Then make another xml with just the driveway part. Convert that to ymap and see if it stays how you put it. If all is ok that way, you can then merge the two ymaps info into one ymap.

    If that doesn't work and nobody else replies, then just keep it as an xml. People can still load that file up in their game if they use menyoo or even map editor can load them. Or they can use an AutoloadMaps folder inside their scripts folder and put the xml files in there.

    If you start trying to use CodeWalker to build, which I recommend as your next step in progressing your mod learning, then you can just create a new ymap in the program, no need for conversions. No issues with doors like menyoo, no rotating prop to choose like in Map Editor. No missing props list or object list, but you do need to know where things you want to use are located in the folders like the x64h.

  • @OeWTpXD1vKwN Another thing you could do and I would actually try it first, is to write down the info for the props used to make the driveway , like the position and rotation coords as they show up in the xml. Then convert the xml to ymap, open up the ymap in OpenIV and open the xml and compare the info for the driveway props. You may see an obvious value that changed with the rotation. You can then just edit the ymap rotation info to match the xml values. That should theoretically fix it.

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