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[VEHICLE][WIP] ATS Trailer Pack

  • This idea comes from a plan to convert gta sa trailer pack by arlan. Since he doesn't give permission to convert his models, I converted some of trailers (not all) from American Truck Simulator.

    Video preview:

    Tanker Variant:

    Cluckin bell (multilivery trailer), still need mapping the dirt:

  • COOL !

  • I am working on a pain job project for this set little by little of real truck companies. Have just about finished the 53ft trailer set aka boxlong should be releasing it by this weekend I hope.

  • 0_1570122389018_06d89a036ed66c77a42c40c7e137901a.jpeg 0_1570122397112_d38a9a2ca3d0a80fed5ad33dee515bec.jpeg ![0_1570122408118_d38a9a2ca3d0a80fed5ad33dee515bec.jpeg]0_1570122450283_972dbdba7a5c1c4d75618c74d99a0827.jpeg 0_1570122456142_83fcab761d3f8c5d9352d9370488b627.jpeg 0_1570122473032_0472c9badb44b6cfbfeb2621d404c280.jpeg

  • Just created some Fuel tanker skin to go with this pack

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