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[MISC] Editing subtitles

  • Hallo everybody.

    I only use to play offline and I'm trying and adapting my GTA V's installation with every "real life" mods.

    I also would like to edit in this way the subtitles (italian version), so to have a coherent sign (about locations, car names, etc) with my installation.

    Do someone know if it is possible? And - above all - if yes, which are the files (I suppose .gtx) I must edit?

    Thanks a lot.

    FraF© | Roma, Italia

  • Honestly that won't make sense since they will still say it "Los Santos" istnead of "Los Angeles" for example, though all you need to edit are .gxt2 files

  • *GTA V\mods\update\update.rpf\x64\data\lang\italian_rel.rpf*
    Export all these files to a folder as open text format. Edit them with Notepad++ and then import them using: New/ImportOpenformats

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