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how to remove trainer please help?

  • hi,

    this is my problem.

    I have GTA 5 on my playstation 4.

    I got GTA 5 for PC thinking that i would get the returning customer dlc. but i did not you had to have played it on x360 or ps3, which i feel was not made clear and i bit of a con, but away. i have sold my ps4 and games...

    so i just have the pc version that i play on line with..

    but i really wanted the extra dlc for cars like the black car duke i think it is called and all the exclusive cars and guns missions.

    but not the money.

    so as far as i am aware you are allowed to own a backup. so i downloaded gta 5 reloaded 141 version just to play offline.

    but it is dumb i has a trainer installed, i have no idea which trainer and you have unlimited stamina and i hate it.

    is there a way to remove it cheats and just end up with gta v with the extra dlc?

    many thx

  • @meme_. Ever stop to think that it could be that Reloaded cracked version you installed? Also, pirated versions of the game are not supported here.

  • Step 1) erase the pirated crap
    Step 2) buy the game legitimately
    Step 3) enjoy

  • This post is deleted!

  • We do not support pirated versions of the game here. Buy the game legitimately.

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