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Crashing In Certain Areas Of Map

  • Hi, I am having an issue where my game just completely crashes whenever I try to drive in certain areas, specifically Vinewood Blvd, the fire station by Grove Street, and the Boardwalk. I have verified that the game always crashes in the same spot, and nothing I have tried has fixed it. So far I have tried verifying game cache, deleting WoV, using the vanilla popgroups.ymt file, and updating my drivers. I am on version 1.0.1604.1. I am trying to get all the possible fixes before resorting to deleting my mods folder, so any help you can suggest would be great. Here is what I get every time I crash:

  • Are you using any script mods and do you have a custom gameconfig?

  • Yes, I have a custom gameconfig but my only script mod is ELS.

  • Hi @Gunam , have you solved this problem? I have it too!

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