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Help troubleshooting my crashing problem with Open Interiors

  • I am quite new to modding, I have been doing it for only a few days now and for the most part I am getting by alright, but I've been experiencing a few issues with mods that I really want to have in my game. My game is completely up to date, as is my Scripthook and scripthook.NET.

    Mods I have:

    • AITG Drug Mod
    • Enhanced Native Trainer
    • NativeUI
    • I have also used OpenIV to replace car models with their real life counterparts

    I would like to be able to use the Open All Interiors mod, while keeping the AITG and Enhanced Native Trainer but my game seems to crash a few minutes into game play when I use this mod. Without Open Interiors, the mods work fine together. I have two questions about this:
    1.) Does anyone know if these mods are just not compatible and why that might be?
    2.) Is there a way to check what is causing the crash? Maybe a built in crash report or something?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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