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Bug in the face of some skins add-on peds

  • I'm having a problem with some skins, there's a bug going on in their faces that gets all deformed.
    It started to happen this problem when I put some more skins in the add-on peds, not all skins that are with this problem only some of them
    All skins are by add-on peds, not replace

    Here some examples.

    ![alt text](0_1553468915141_upload-a11d705f-824b-489a-bab7-7efa6a4b58dc


  • @rerisonyago , I think the problem is that you must have mixed some file of the peds with others. The peds use 4 types of files (ytd - ydd - ymt - yft), if you mix some of these files with others, that kind of error that we see in the photo occurs.
    Verify that the 4 named files correspond to the ped you have added. Each time you add a ped, it is convenient that you assign them a different name if it is a similar ped to another but with different clothes / hairstyles. For this you must change the names of the 4 files for others. For example: [Mai.ytd - Mai.ydd - Mai.yft - Mai.ymt] > [Clai.ytd - Clai.ydd - Clai.yft - Clai.ymt.]
    alt text
    alt text

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