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[MAP][RELEASED] Moses Pass Bridge from LS to Liberty City

  • Hi guys,

    I'm new to the modding community and it was the Liberty City Rewind add-on that got me interested in mods. Unfortunately there is no bridge yet to get from LS to LC.

    I set myself the goal to use Menyoo and only use the available base props to build an acceptable looking bridge. The result is a concrete bridge called "The Moses Pass". It starts at the Noose Facility and ends up at the North West of the Liberty City map. There is also a nice scenic lookout along the way with beautiful views of Liberty City and the ocean.

    This is a Menyoo file and I have been having issues with loading menyoo files of over 1400 objects and this file has around 1500. What happens is that when I load the file when I'm in Franklin's house, Menyoo doesn't load the last +/- 100 objects. But when I then remove all objects and load the file again, it does actually load all of the objects.

    What also works is to first get close to the Noose Facility and then load the xml-file from there and then it seems to load without any issues.

    Please let me know if you are encountering this same issue or if the xml-file does load fully from any point in Los Santos.

    Link to mod:

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