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Unable to install Replace Vehicle Mods

  • Hi, I am new to the GTA V mod scene and apologies if this has been asked a thousand times. I have downloaded Vehicle Replace Mods and installed them correctly... I think. I've followed instructions from the Read Me's (replacing yft and ytd in specific folders etc. and also tried the method adding to latest patch day as well) when i then load the game up it begins to redownload these files and replaces them back to their original state. Only issue i think it can be is I dont have a mods folder because my game also redownloads the entire "update" and "x64" folders when I move them to a mods folder. Any assistance will be much appreciated as ive spent 2 days trying to fix it :(. BaaaRnZ


    Don't move archives you alter to the mods folder but copy paste unaltered files to your mods folder
    And then replace the files you downloaded in the archives inside the mods folder!

  • @ReNNie Hi Rennie, appreciate the response, unfortunately my tiny brain doesn't understand :( i think what you are saying is i need update and a mods folder? I had this previously and it just ignores the mods folder and runs the game as standard. sorry if im misunderstanding

  • @ReNNie Also tried editing some clothes in x64v and same issue just reinstalls the entire file. im obviously missing something but im not sure where or what XD

  • @BaaaaRnZ

    Check that out and see if it helps, If not i'll try my best to help.

  • @H3llo Thank you think i may have figured it out managed to get a clothes pack working i think bit dodgy but think its the mod itself more than me XD. cheers for the help might have to come back to you if i cock it up again. thanks @ReNNie to.

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