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PC freezes often

  • I have been having problems with GTA5 freezing my whole PC to a point of just turning it off and on with the power button because nothing else seems to be responsive. I will basically run the game for a random amount of time before it freezes. There is a period of time where I thought it might have been my video card or cpu over heating. Which verywell May be the case but it is strange.

    Here is my pc specs and after running the msi after burner to watch the cpu heat it would get up to 135 degrees. I have the graphics up pretty high but my pc should be able to handle this no problem. It runs at about 65 FPS pretty consistently.

    6GB MSI GTX 1060 Gaming X
    16GB DDR3 G Skill 2400MHz
    Sabertooth 990FX
    AMD FX8370 8core professor OC to 4.51GHz

    Any help with getting this resolved would be greatly appreciated and it’s a pretty annoying event every time it happens.

  • @Stunod , For what you mention, it seems to be a problem related to your power supply. You should check the voltage values supplied by your power supply. Aida64 extreme edition is an excellent software for such purposes.
    alt text

  • My sensors look to be fine... I even changed out my 500 watt power supply for the 650 and It ran for about 6 minutes before freezing. I know its the game because it's the only one that days it. It can't be that mods that I know of because I have started from scratched a couple of times and still does the same thing. Any other ideas that it might be. I am truly stuck not knowing what else to try other than just replace the whole pc. :confused:

  • Pretty basic suggestion but have you tried reverting your cpu back to stock clocks to make sure it's not the overclock having a problem? I remember a few years back when my gta kept crashing my PC. It took me weeks to figure out the issue. I didn't think twice about reverting my overclock because it was fine for every other game and even passed 24hrs+ of stress testing. Eventually after tons of troubleshooting I realized my seemingly stable overclock was the problem, so I slightly lowered my oc frequency and the crashing finally went away.

  • Never thought of that... thanks for the suggestion. I will for sure give it a shot!

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