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How to Convert to YTF?

  • Hello there. First of all i'm new and i'd like to know something about the Modding World!
    If i got a .OBJ or .3DS file (i use SKETCHUP for edit models like motorbikes), how can i convert to YTF? There is a program who can do that? Or can i install it as .RPF file?
    And.. Sketchup is good or i should use other programs? (Zmodeler it's a bit hard for me , same Blender..)

  • @Frank22 Always use the original yft of a gta entity, there is currently no tool that I know of that can do that.

  • @MegaDeveloper Hmmm for example i use a faggio.ytf and faggio_hi.ytf , how can i edit the faggio like .. "front of faggio" or "back of faggio" "wheels" or somethings like this .. i hope you have understood.. you use zmodeler?

  • @Frank22 Sorry I only rig ped models, no cars so I can’t help ya there.

  • Use zmodeler to edit vanilla game physical models.

    Zmodeler can also import an object file exported from 3ds and export it as a yft.

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