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Peds Converting

  • When I convert peds to gta 5, i found some issues:

    When I tried using this video:

    my ped does not have animated skeleton (it spawns, but always stays in idle position)
    When I use gims evo, I import an original ped, attach the parts of the new ped to it and remove the parts of the original ped, the new ped does not appear correctly (it is sliced to pieces (e.g. the hair is not connected with the head, everything is moving not proportionally). When doing this in GTA 4 using GIMS IV, the ped moves correctly.

    How to convert a ped in GTA 5 correctly (explain in details, please).

  • @Pi-Manus Make sure the weights are transferred from the original ped to the new ped. And that you attached them to the skeleton.

    I use Zmodeler 3 so I can’t really help you out as I don’t have the knowledge on how ped rigging in 3ds max is set.

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