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[map][released] The Lassard Bridge from LS to Liberty City

  • Hi guys,

    This is my 2nd bridge for the Liberty City Rewind add-on.

    I set myself the goal to use Menyoo and only use the available base props to build an acceptable looking bridge. The result is the Lassard Bridge, named after famous police commandant Eric Lassard. This bridge has a different location than the first Moses Pass bridge. The Lassard Bridge starts in the South East of Los Santos, at the oil fields and ends up in the South West of Liberty City.

    I think the result looks great. There's some minor things that I couldn't do with Menyoo but all in all I'm very happy with the result. Too bad there is no lighting available for the arches to light them up at night and to see them from a distance.

    Or is there a way to make sure the lights can be seen on from a distance as well?

    Further info:

    This is an xml-file made using Menyoo that needs to be copied to the following directory:

    Grand Theft Auto V/menyooStuff/Spooner/

    To load the file, open Menyoo and then go to Object Spooner. Then go to "manage saved files" and select the Lassard Bridge file. Then select "load placements".


    I have been having issues with loading menyoo files of over 1400 objects and this file has around 1600. What happens is that when I load the file when I'm in Franklin's house, Menyoo doesn't load the last +/- 200 objects. But when I then remove all objects and load the file again, it does actually load all of the objects. What also works is to first get close to the Oil Fields and then load the xml-file from there and then it seems to load without any issues. I think it has to do with all the active entities in Los Santos around the location you're standing. If there are a lot of spawned entities, Menyoo has issues loading larger files.

    In order to check if the bridge fully loaded do the following:

    After loading the bridge for the first time, go back into the Object Spooner, then go to "manage entity database" and press up to end up at the bottom of the list of objects. If objects were not loaded you will see "(invalid)" behind the objects not loaded. When there are invalid objects in the list, then first remove ALL entities again in Menyoo using the "removal" option in "Manage entity database".

    After that load the xml-file again using "load placements". It should fully load the second time. Don't forget to remove all entities if the bridge doesn't load the first time. If you don't, Menyoo will place a second bridge with the first one still in place and you end up with double the props and more invalid objects.

    Please let me know if you are encountering this same issue or if the xml-file does load fully from any point in Los Santos.


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