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Converting a model

  • So im trying to convert a SP clothing item to MP and when i exported it and put it in the game, it started to glitch out. So i did some research and i read something about weighting vertices or similiar. Im new to 3ds max, so if anyone could help me id appreciate it.

  • @flying_bulletzzz For every model that you import and export into gta for peds, you need to copy the weights onto the object you are wanting to export.

    This is called weight painting or weight transfer/copy, but in small words, rigging.

    Basically in my world it just making the object move accordingly to its ped. So you would copy the weights from the ped you are trying to put on and transfer it to the object you had imported. By doing that, everything will work out fine.

    Unfortunately I use Zmodeler 3 so I have no clue on how rigging in 3dsmax works. This means I can’t provide any more help.

    Good luck.

  • Anyway, thanks for your help.

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