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Uploaded Screenshots Bug

  • Last night I uploaded a new mod, my BIGHEAD Menyoo Map Pack. I uploaded screenshots to go with it. However 3 of them once viewed on the main mod page were showing broken links. I went to go re-upload them, but same issue. I assumed maybe the photos themselves were corrupted so I went to upload different ones but they showed broken as well. Also they were showing the file name of the original broken screenshots that had already been removed. And now every time I try to upload new screenshots, the ones that actually uploaded successfully get deleted in pairs of 2. While still showing the names of the original photos that I removed. It seems the site is having some sort of log issue with my screenshots because it's showing the name of old ss's that are no longer there and deleting the ones that are there every time I go to re-upload.

    Here is the mod in question: https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/bighead-menyoo-map-pack-1-4

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and help me.

  • @BIGHEAD I had the same issue when updating my mod and trying to delete some old pics and add new ones. What I ended up doing to solve the wrong pics showing up was to just delete all my pics and reupload the old ones I wanted to keep and new ones at the same time. Hopefully they get it resolved but that is one way around the issue.

  • @chonkie Was just thinking about that, thanks.

  • @BIGHEAD Oh, I also refreshed the page before trying to view what I just uploaded. That seemed to help with the pic not wanting to load, I had two of them doing that.

  • @chonkie For me it seems that any screenshot title that has the # symbol was bugging out, I simply renamed them and it worked.

  • BTW I guess a MOD should mark this as solved. Link other people to it if they have the same problem?

  • Won't mark as solved because the bug isn't actually fixed, you just figured out what the bug was.

  • I have the same problem but your solutions don't work with me :(

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