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[MISC][WIP] GTA V Project REVIVE || Total GTA V Enhancement ||---

  • Yeah... so HELLO PEOPLE
    I'm currently working on Project Revive , a total GTA V enhancement mod focusing on
    -- Graphics ( Inspired by NVR )
    -- Gameplay
    -- Textures
    And many other Tiny Improvements....
    I'm also gonna include a Script-pack that'll add a LOT of new features into the game..... Still trying to bring permission from authors..... If they don't give permission to include it in the MOD....I'll link their MODs to my Page instead ! Sorry... but thats the truth.

    Anyways..... I've already posted a part of my MOD as a Loading Screen MOD named as "Future Beat"... If you wish... you can Grab it over here--

    The FACT is that I might be releasing this MOD in Smaller parts time to time and when Everything is complete..... I'll upload one Complete part... pls bear in mind that due to file size limitations.... textures will come separately... But that shouldn't make any actual difference as the Vanilla Textures looks really cool on Max settings !!

    In the Crew--

    1. From GTA V MODS page

    2. From DISQUS (Follow them at the links given if you want )
      -SupreemSubbi (https://disqus.com/by/supreemsubbi/)
      -Ahmed A (https://disqus.com/by/disqus_qvzk9ruZZj/)
      -Yamiji Games (https://disqus.com/by/disqus_LskRM27L6d/)
      -Slihm Crahp (Sorry, No link available )


    Without their help....I wouldn't have been able to achieve the progress I have currently made by now

    Here's What I have Achieved till now ( VERY VERY SMALL PROGRESS )

    If you wanna join the crew, Feel free to do so ! We Welcome All people, Anyone who is interested to test out INSIDER build of the MOD, Review and Suggest changes or Help out with the MOD is always welcome... but pls bear in mind that we are neither getting paid nor paying someone..... We just MODIFY !

    Here you go

    Ok... BYE ! Have a great day ! :D

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