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La/Ls Transit Buses by Lazlow

  • I know @lazlow555 has good car models but I need help I don’t know how I can donate him to create models from scratch? I need him to create La Metro buses with a template I know there are American buses such as the Tdh and Rts but we need a modern bus I know me and foxtrot delta are working on the 2008-2013 NABI 45c lfw CompoBus I need Lazlow create more model buses besides the one me and foxtrotdelta we’re working on

    1999-2002,2005 NABI 40-LFW Metro local (Orange) metro rapid (Red ) metro express (blue) Metro Rapid 2000s livery and the Metro Yellow jacket livery and Foothill transit
    2004 NABI 45c-Lfw Metro Rapid (Red) and Metro Liner (Metro Silver Line)
    2005-2008 NABI 60 BRT (Add-on only) Metro Liner orange line Metro rapid (Red) Metro Local(Orange)
    2001 nfi C40lf Metro Local(Orange) Metro Rapid(RED) Metro Express(blue) Metro Yellow jacket livery Culver City bus livery

  • New Flyer Xn40 Metro Local (Orange) Metro Rapid (Red) Metro orange line Warner Center Shuttle(Grey)
    2011 LAX Shuttle NABI 35-LFW
    El Dorado Ez-Rider II Brt cng LAX parking shuttle

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