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I Need Help With The Simple Zombies Mod, By sollaholla

  • Idk if I should post this here, so sorry if im doing this wrong. In the Simple Zombies Mod, almost everything works fine. There is just one major issue. Zombies don't do damage to me. I have god mode off, and I can die by for ex., falling off a building. Also, I can 1 punch Zombs. I feel like I'm doing everything right too. Help?

  • @Ailli Check any settings in the script for any god mod related settings, otherwise reinstall the script. Double check that all god mode settings are off for any trainer you use.

    If nothing works, then I have no clue sorry.

  • @MegaDeveloper How do you check the script? Im relatively new to modding. BTW, I reinstalled the script several times.

  • @Ailli I just checked the script and there’s no settings related to god mode for the player.

    So I don’t have an exact answer for you sorry.

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