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Game crashing after 5-10 minutes

  • @FoxtrotDelta Can you tell me how to underclock RAM? I tried to search it on Google but I can't understand what it says.

  • @Willy41007 this is only a problem with ryzen and amd computers, u basically underclock a ram in its bios settings. you could have inboxed me the question too, you created a topic perhaps u wanted everyone else to know the answer the problem as well.

    our friend korn max had the same problem as u would have read in that topic his problem was a buggy driver software issue for his Mouse.

    for me the problem solved when i underclocked my ram because i read it on different forums so yea.

    sometimes everything can be perfect and 1 buggy mod or script can cause it too.

    as for ur question how to underclock the Ram, go into bios settings and in Dram timings there are different options of ram speed and timings u can forexample reduce ur ram speed from 3600 MHZ or 3200 MHZ and that should solve the problem.

    try reducing ram timings in 200 MHZ incrediments and test it out. do let us know if it solves ur problem.

  • @FoxtrotDelta there are no DRAM timing settings in my BIOS. My laptop is Lenovo Legion Y520 with Intel i7 and 12gb ram BTW.

  • @Willy41007 laptops dont over or underclock. this is something else . laptops dont come with such issues they are already very underpowered.

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