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*UPDATED* Turning in-game vehicle mods/tuning parts (like spoilers) into props for use with object spawners?

  • What I want to do is turn in-game vehicle mods, like spoilers or some of the new things in the Arena War update like the war poles/spears/blades/scoops, into props that can be spawned with Map Editor/Menyoo/etc. so that I can attach them to other vehicles. Does something like this exist already, and if not, how would I go about doing it myself?

    UPDATE: I figured it out and got it to work with a test file: 'imperator_spear_r.yft' which is the right-side "war poles" for the Imperator (I can spawn it in-game with Menyoo).

    However, there's still 1 issue - the texture seems to be chrome/reflecting everything around it, and I'm not sure why, nor how to fix it.

    From what I read, the textures for a .yft are normally embedded, but this and many others I want to use don't have any - not according to OpenIV, anyway.

    Does anyone know where normal vehicle-mods/tuning parts get their textures from, or know how to find out?
    I've noticed that most files in any given vehiclemods.rpf are .yft and don't have embedded textures, probably because - I'm guessing - they use textures like chrome/carbon fiber/primary/secondary color textures that came with the base GTAV game and are somewhere in the directory, and/or inherit them from the vehicle they're made for - if that is the case, where are those located?

  • This is exactly what I need, did you ever get it finished?I'm trying to add spinning blades to my RV lol!

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