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Please Help Me :(

  • So every time i start my game it boots up fine, But when i get into game and try to play the story, there are no missions that show up. I have increased the amount of blips that can show up but still they don't show up unless i get the cops on me then escape. Even then though they disappear permanently after mission complete until i restart.
    ~Mod List~
    -Max Payne 3 Glock
    -Simple Fuel

    the last one i downloaded was simple fuel by LeFix

  • @Koala132 Did everything work fine before you added Simple Fuel? Remove that and test if that is causing the issue. Also, do you have the blips for the opened interiors on? The only thing I can think of would be to turn those and the store blips off at start up in the OpenInteriors.ini

    Be in Edit Mode in OpenIV, right click on the ini and click edit, then make your changes, click save, then test out the game.

    alt text

  • Trying out changing the .ini, i'll let you know if it works

  • It fixed the missions showing up when i start the game but sadly the missions still disappear after i complete one. it has to be one of my mods bc i tried all the youtube fixes but none work :(

  • @Koala132 That's a bummer it didn't fix it completely for you. Which version of Simple Fuel did you install, 1.1.5? Does Simple Fuel add any blips to the game? Other than that I'm out of ideas except to start removing mods one by one to find if one is causing the issue. Start with the latest ones you installed.

  • I've done 3 missions in a row and so far it's ok apart from a soft lock on the paleto bay setup so thank you :)

  • @Koala132 , The problem is in the OpenAl Interiors mod. It is recommended not to use that mod when you are playing the story mode. In the description of the mod the same thing is noticed.

  • Thank you, turning it off until i wanna mess around with it. Thanks again.

  • @Koala132 ,you're welcome ! :)

  • OpenAll Interiors is outdated, but I've not yet had issues with it. I also run the Online Interiors V1 (Doomsday Heist) mod with it to give me access to quite a bit of stuff, and a trainer for what they can't since both are still outdated.

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