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I can install 1 addon car, but more than that and game crashes (gameconfig already modded)

  • I recently started having troulbe with GTA 5. I can only install JDM Rims mod and 1 addon car. If I add more, the game will crash.
    I tried using a modded gameconfig file, and I installed the additional recommended files as well.
    When I try and uinstall mods in the same order as they were installed, the game does not go back to funtional, and I have to re-download and install the game.

    Notable mention is that I work from the root folder when modding, because I never get very far anyway before having to reinstall the game. I don't know if working in the mods folder changes this?

    I have no clue what is going on, has anybody had the same experience?

    Mod list:

    • Meyoo
    • ScripthookV
    • AkikidoFreeCam
    • asiloader
    • Vstancer
    • [YCA]Vsoreny Toyota Supra
    • [YCA]Vsoreny JDM rims pack

  • @Ferosso For the config, not all work and will not make a difference for adding.

    Follow this tutorial as it worked for many users,


  • Thanks, but I already have all these things installed. The crash started happening recently.

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