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What mod gave these folders/files? Anyone knows?

    • Two folders (in Scripts folder):
      ArrestWarrant - 3 files in it
      SixStarResponse - 8 files in it

    • Four files (in Scripts folder):

    I believe those above are some traces of previous mod(s) installed, but I don't remember from where they came.

    Having them deleted, the game seems to run okay, but when having those files and folders, I see additional warrant function in the game. But no six stars I have in the game anyway.

    Anyone knows from exactly what mod they came ??

  • TLDR RTFM of the mods you're installing.

    Looks like you're running RDE.

  • @Anonymoused281 I agree. After cleaning the Mods folder, everything became okay. Thanks !! :D

  • @FelixSG It can be frustrating sometimes, but rebuilding the mods folder helps fix issues at times. I tend to do this each time R* releases a new DLC update and SHV gets updated to match it. This way things should work better without guessing on whether or not there are previous incompatibilities with what was tweaked before the new files were added.

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