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Cars not exploding

  • For some reason now when I shoot at cars with grenades or rockets it just bounces off them and doesn’t explode them. Any ideas why?

  • @cheezebugerdlux ,Maybe you have activated some mod that prevents the vehicles from exploding. For example, in Menyoo there is an option that makes the vehicle that you use (auto-moto- boat- plane) can never be destroyed. Until you do not deactivate that option in Menyoo's menu, that "power" does not disappear, even after you leave and re-enter the game. With other trainers it must surely be the same.

  • Hi i have the same problem with menyoo, but how i can disable this "power" without turn the game off and on?

  • @Luke8372 u can just press F9 to go on Spooner mode then right click on car there will be a option of 'invincibility' turn it off make sure the circle near the invincibility option is red if it is green that means your cars are invincible turn it red so your cars can explode and if it does not work then try removing mods then try again and install mods one by one so that you can figure out which mod is causing error

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