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Can't Record In-Game Footage after opening Menyoo

  • Hi all,

    Running on most recent version of GTA, but i found that after pressing F8 and opening Menyoo, I am no longer able to record in-game footage. Pressing F1 and F2 don't do anything anymore and I can't even access the character switch menu. Holding L ALT also doesn't bring up the recording menu anymore. I've restarted the game and tested it, I'm able to record when I load in but the second I open Menyoo, I can no longer record.

    Mods I'm Using:
    (all up to date)
    Script Hook V
    Trainer V
    Lip Movement
    Scene Director
    L.A. Roads
    Real California Architecture
    Visual V
    Jules and Vincent

    Help would be much appreciated. Thank you for reading.

  • @Griff Since it's been 4 days and no answer, i'll give it a go, but since I'm not that tech savvy, I'm going with common sense. Seems like you need to either use a different recording program or quit opening Menyoo while trying to record. I was wondering why you have Trainer V and Menyoo? I don't know, but wouldn't two trainers cause issues with each other?

  • @Griff - It is confirmed that Menyoo temporaily halts F1 and F2 functionalities, so you will need external program, just like @chonkie suggests. If you have XSplit software you might try that. I made several tests with this program and it looks decent.

    Besides, XSplit allows you to record footage at a much higher quality than Rockstar Editor... So you might want to use it to simply output your movie preview. Then, using another video software, vignette-out the key prompts that the editor always displays at the bottom of the screen.

    I just hope I made myself clear. I use some mental shortcuts y'know...

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