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Organizing bookmarks/follows

  • I think it would be cool if we could organize our bookmarked content, similar to a folder structure you would have on your PC for mods you use. I have folders for cars, guns, sounds, visuals, scripts, which is what the site filters/tags already do well.

    When I created a pack for story gameplay I make a folder for the mods I used for it too. Same applies to packs I did for realistic gameplay and so on.

    After some time when the mods on my PC are outdated and I want to get back into playing GTA and update the mods (maybe even with a PC reset inbetween) it is difficult to find all the mods and update them again.

    I feel like custom tags would be cool here. So if you go to your Bookmarks page, find a tag filter similar to what the site sections already have (like Trainer, Mission, Gameplay, ... for the scripts section) and have them be custom so the user can create tags like "Realistic", "Story gameplay", "Favorite graphics mods", "Cool sound mods", "Guns I use" and so on.

    Does anyone else think this would be useful? Any other ideas or thoughts?

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