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Problem with Rage plugin hook or LSPDFR

  • I have downloaded a fresh copy of gta 5, installed ScriptHookDotNet, NativeUI, ScriptHookV and LSPDFR (In this order) when i open RagePuginHook.exe, the loading window goes to the bottom left corner and the game doesnt even have time to do the window breaking sound before it crashes, ive been looking around forums and other sites for an answer and here is what I tried:

    • Putting the game on windowed
    • I tried launching with and without the LSPDFR plugin loaded
    • Disabled the custom loading screens
    • Disabled DirectX Hook

    Im stumped, and I really want to try the new update

  • RageHookPlugin and LSPDFR are not really supported here. If you're sure these are the issue then check on their respective forums where their devs are.

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