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Where Do I Create a "MODS" folder???? NOOB HELP!!!

  • I am a noob when it comes to modding, I have OpenIV and I cant seem to get any mods to work(skin mods)
    I have the Script Hook Trainer that I got to work, but When I watch tutorials on other mods I see ppl have a mod folder in the GTA Directory, but my mods don't seem to show up so where should the mods folder be at?
    GTA/Mods/Update/x64?????? someone help me


    there's install instructions in the mod .zip archive's/description of mod

    just follow the install path they state and if that archive isn't in your mods folder, add it.

    for example, franklin clothing mods go into x64v.rpf

  • @Chrisrobby10023 If i'm not mistaken, the mods folder should have been created by OpenIV when you installed OpenIV. I can't remember if it installed when installing the asi loader or when installing the OpenIV.asi. Go to the Tools tab in OpenIV, then the asi manager tab, and make sure you have installed those two items. That may also be why none of the mods you install work. If those two items are already installed, then your mods folder should be in the main GTA V directory.alt text

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