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  • Hi everyone :) I've been tearing my hair out over this for so long and I'm literally taking anything I can get at this point. To save some time, I'm a dev for a fivem roleplay community but am also in the fire department for said community. For almost a year now I've been trying to get our air program off the ground, and have found some great helicopter models to use, but the ones I've settled on don't seem to want to cooperate and that is entirely due to the vehiclelayouts.meta file(s) for said vehicles.

    At this point I've invested too much time to just use another model, and most likely would run into the same issues anyways due to the small number of helicopters that could fit our needs.

    Now I know the easy solution is to just use an ingame stock helicopter layout, and that's all fine, but I don't want that option because I want to be able to use all the seats in the choppers and have rescue hoist and rappel capabilities. The only thing I'm concerned about right now is learning how the layouts work so I can take a whack at creating my own meta for it and finally put this nightmare to bed.

    For anyone who has tried, you get that there is no information at all on layouts, or even a lot of the meta files. Seriously, google right now, I'll wait. The modding community is huge and it's really a shame that despite being around for years, it's almost impossible to find information on even some core concepts. But that's another discussion. The point of this topic is to ask for anyone, please, would you be willing to offer any advice that can set me on the right path?

    Thank you.

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