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Fixing weird Lip Movement issue with Custom Player Models

  • Using this mod but I have an issue where when I use the Lip Movement mod or Speech Player, the models mouths don't move right. The mouths stay closed but they move their jaws and everything like they're talking. I have 3DS Max 2016 and GIMS, is there something I can do to fix this?

  • @Griff Some authors rig the face, some do not. Meaning if the face isn’t rigged, no jaws or eye movement will be present and vice versa.

    To rig the face, you would need to weight paint the face. But it’s not that easy so I suggest not doing so as it’s a huge waste of time if something messes up. Zmodeler 3 is usually the way to go for it, but 3dsmax will do.

    There are tutorials out there that you can google for your goal.

  • Also, if you copy weight from one head to another you get that closed mouth stuff. Never copy weight on a head.

    Rig it piece by piece.

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