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Peds in weaponized vehicles (and fighting?)

  • Hello Guys,

    I am now looking for a way to put a number of peds in some weaponized aerial vehicles to get them fight each other "battle royale" style. I am using Menyoo.

    I have two problems - first, I need to tell each one of them to pursue the right target. I'd rather have them pick their targets randomly...

    Second, despite arming said air vehicles, the NPCs still refuse to use these weapons to bring each other down. They just fly about one another throwing obscenities and curses rather than bullets...

    Any idea how to make it right? :(

  • @TheMurderousCricket Peds are not compatible with some air vehicles like helicopters, jets on the other hand work great!

    Peds in heli can only use machine guns as passangers so left and right seat.

    The rest do not work for them.

    For ex the Valkyrie, both left and right machine guns work, but the drivers gun does not. There is a script called advance bodyguards that allows the driver to use the main vehicle weapon, but not all helicopters are supported.

    Soooo any ped that is trying to use a gun in a heli that is facing in the direction of the nose of a heli will not work, right and left guns will work.

    To get peds to use any vehicle weapon they’re in, someone needs to make a script that forces peds to actually use them.

    Unfortunately we won’t be seeing that anytime soon. :(

  • Tell you what @MegaDeveloper, I actually tried to make a ped use Jetpack's missiles / chaingun... Damnation... I knew it couldn't be that beautiful...

    Right now, I actually built an attachment in the form of a "basket" on the back of the jetpack. :D I figured I'll at least put a gunner in said basket and get the entire contraption in the air (peds can fly a jetpack more or less).

    There are more problems with that however. When I attach a ped to the basket / jetpack, they are rendered motionless. Even despite having the "Fight enemies" task sequence enabled.

    When they are not attached but simply standing in the basket, they trip, fall, bounce and are, as well, rendered useless as gunners...

    Ughhh, halp...

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